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Architect Firm Launches Project to Preserve Modern Architecture

 Claremont, Calif. , February 9, 2009– Edifice Architects announced the launch of the Modern Heritage Project, a regional initiative designed to pay homage to modern design within the Inland Empire and preserve it from destruction.

 The Modern Heritage project will educate, develop, and raise awareness of the modern movement. Edifice plans to locate and identify mid-century commercial and residential buildings. The Claremont-based firm invites the public to participate and help find these structures.

 “This project aims to preserve modern buildings and advocates modern and contemporary architecture,” Edifice Co-Founder Ignacio Sardinas said. “I find it deplorable that in many cities in the Inland Empire , it is perfectly acceptable to destroy a significant example of mid-century design with no repercussion.”

 “Someone needs to champion and support these structures,” Edifice Co-Founder Hirohito Kuroki said. “Modern architecture is a part of Southern California ; it showed the optimistic spirit of the designers of that era experimenting with new forms and materials and methods of construction.”

Later-generation modernist architects include Lautner, Neutra, Schindler, and Ellwood who practiced in Southern California , Kuroki continued. Patrons such as Eichler and Entanza encouraged and promoted modernism, creating project, case study programs and development tracts in the movement. Edifice hopes to evolve projects and thinking within the region that support those same values of modernism.

 Edifice architects have won several historic preservation awards over the past decade, including a 2007 Design Excellence Award for the renovation of the modernist Sangsland Residence in Claremont .

 “As more of the public are now rediscovering mid-century modernism with greater interest, I hope the ‘hip factor’ will turn into true appreciation and love of those structures and what they tried to achieve,” Kuroki said.


Edifice has recruited Ewert Photography to assist with photo-documentation for the Modern Heritage Project.

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 About Edifice Architects

Founded by Ignacio Sardinas and Hiro Kuroki, Edifice provides custom contemporary and mid-century design and restoration. It serves clients as a licensed contractor and master builder in the Southern California/greater Los Angeles area and is one of a handful of California architectural firms that fabricates its own design elements. By combining these three disciplines, Edifice can provide complete creative and cost control over every residential, retail and commercial project. For more information, visit www.edificearchitects.com.




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